Khajeh Nasir Hall

Khajeh Nasir hall has 2 floors. Central floor has 491 seats in 14 rows and two east and west balconies at the top have 146 seats in 6 rows of which 468 seats are equipped with a headphone to listen to translations and 184 seat are equipped with conference microphones for using the main members and among these seats 15 seats are vip seats in the first row. In addition 9 seats have capability of adding up to 9 seats on the scene for using by the board of directors

Has the possibility of simultaneous translation by group of translators up to six living languages of the word , Has wireless and cable intrnet , Equipped with five controlled cameras upgradable up to seven portable cameras and play a variety of analogue and digital formats , Recording with BETACAM – DVD – DVCAM – HARD, professional sound system mixer, ability to service to performance groups such as theater, Concert. music and etc, with the useful area of 174 square meters , Capability of playing visual sources of lecturers by linking the laptop to video projector or by 18 square meters LED capable of communicating with nodal broadcasting for live broadcasting of all programs and other provincial centers and receive from abroad , Ability to record TV and radio interviews with 2 radio studios and one TV studio equipped with professional systems for recording, dubbing and live broadcasting ,Possibility to implement professional lighting and laser show ,Ability to install and operate a notebook device on the tribune and a PC in the control room , Capability of installing LED on the broad of directors up to three LEDs , Capability of performing video conference , Capability to arrange up to 9 flower baskets and one basket on the tribune