Feyz & Attar Hall

Feyz and Attar halls are two applicable halls for classes and training course to use in the conference. These halls can meet your needs with up –to-date control room and equipments

It has 162 seats , Has board of directors with 5 seat  , It has totally 114 microphones installing on the tables , Has simultaneous translation system into three live languages , Has 3 professional cameras for imaging and capability of control system from the control room and planning by joystick by the program director , Capability of playing computer files of speakers by connecting the laptop to video  , Wireless microphone and the possibility of using the microphone system installed on the tables , Display computer programs equipped with professional lighting and adjustment format , Equipped with video projector system and capability of recording video on DVD – DVCAM  , Possibility of direct connection through fiber optic system with nodal broadcasting for sending and receiving live programs equipped with internet network and live broadcast on the site , Equipped with cable and wireless internet